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-more than cleaning- 

House Cleaning 

Now offering disinfecting services request more information! 

Cleaning For Cures offers cleaning services that provide a consistent, detailed general cleaning; each time. Below are the items included during every service. If your individual needs require something a little different, let us create a custom house cleaning package just for you!

Our Crew

Most services are performed by a crew of either 2 or 3 people including a dedicated manager. To ensure consistent excellence you will see the same staff each time. If preferred 1 on 1, solo service can be provided

What's included

We provide all standard cleaning supplies, all equipment, 99.9% filtered back pack and upright vacuums, sanitized microfiber towels and mop heads. Our clients are responsible for any special request cleaning supplies & trash liners.


  • Disinfecting pre-treat & cleaning of toilets, sinks, bathtubs & showers
  • Polishing & cleaning of mirrors & fixtures
  • General dusting
  • Most bathroom floors cleaned by hand


  • Interior & exterior of microwave
  • exterior of stove, oven, dishwasher & refrigerator
  • Exterior of cabinetry, up to approximately 7'
  • Counter tops: items up to 5 pounds moved, cleaned & replaced
  • Accessible sinks
  • General dusting


  • Window sills & dividers where easily accessible
  • All flat surfaces will receive furniture polish
  • Thorough dusting of the home
  • Ceiling fan blades up to 9' ceilings
  • Chair rails, door bevels. & moldings
  • Spot cleaning of cobwebs
  • Cleaning of switch plates
  • Spot cleaning of doors


  • All hard floors will be vacuumed
  • Soft brush 99.9% hepa filtered backpack vacuum
  • Followed by mopping with a micro fiber mop
  • All carpeted floors will be vacuumed, items up to 15 pounds will be moved and vacuumed underneath

Also included

  • Laundry room if applicable
  • All trash cans emptied
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