Primary Service Provider

We clean anything from a one room office to multi-location facilities. We offer extremely flexible scheduling options, from one-time cleaning projects to daily service. Best of all, we never have any contracts - we let our high-quality standards speak for themselves!

We currently provide commercial cleaning services at: 

  • Hospital Campuses, Medical & Dental Offices
  • Schools & Daycares
  • Property Maintenance
  • Car Dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate Agents, Developers & Builders
  • Salons
  • Retail
  • Fitness & Health Centers
  • Insurance & Real Estate Offices 

Supplemental Outsourced Services S.O.S.

We work with many businesses that have an existing service provider or in-house cleaning staff that are in desperate need of SOS (supplemental outsourced services). Most service professionals provide adequate levels of cleaning, however there are many areas that are overlooked, done poorly, or not included with the original scope of work. These areas can hurt a business or facility that require routine cleanliness or health inspections. If your business or facility has signals of SOS, we are here to help you with the right solutions. 

Here are a few examples of areas where we can assist anyone needing additional SOS (supplemental outsourcing services). 

Let’s start at the top of a room and work our way down: 

  • Looking up ceiling cobwebs, dusty vents, or bugs in light fixtures.
  • Looking straight ahead dirty hazy windows, dusty blinds, or dirty windowsills/partitions. 
  • Looking down dull floors, filthy tile & grout, stained toilets, stained carpets and neglected corners or baseboards.


As an industry leader, we consult with small & large businesses to maximize cleanliness, efficiency, and budgets. Our consulting services begin with a detailed tour & assessment of the facility, identify specific needs, develop a comprehensive plan, and assist with implementing the plan. Here is an example of consulting services for small & large businesses. 

Small Business: 

  • Provide proper scope of work.
  • Provide the proper frequency of both full cleanings & high traffic areas cleanings.
  • Ensure pricing for cleaning contractors is appropriate. We will assist with negotiations if necessary.
  • Find areas that employees of the business can assist with
  • Review and suggest changes to cleaning chemicals & equipment, paper goods and inventory control of products.
  • Prepare an annual S.O.S. scope of monthly, quarterly and annual needs.
  • Observe supplies & equipment are being used properly.
  • Ensure proper order of the cleaning duties.
  • Cross contamination issues
  • Proper PPE usage

Large Business: 

  • Provide the same details listed above for small business.
  • Shadow cleaning crew for 1 or more shifts
  • Organize equipment & storage supply areas.
  • Determine if zone or team cleaning is most effective.
  • Revise staffing schedules
  • Revise scope of work with daily detailed items
  • Accountability check lists
  • Set up training program, conduct training sessions and develop ongoing training and/or assessments.

Window Cleaning

One time or regular service, along with flexible service options to perfectly suit your needs. We have over 20 years of experience cleaning windows. Having the windows of your home or business professionally cleaned makes a huge difference. We take pride in our attention to detail and quality of work. Our use of squeegees & chemicals will make your windows sparkle. We also clean historic windows which require expertise, skill, and care. We provide one-time cleanings or reoccurring services call us for an estimate. 


Floor care

Customize a floor care routine that fits your needs. We offer a variety of floor care services including:

  • Vacuuming & Sweeping
  • Strip & Wax- VCT, LVT, Terrazzo, Terracotta etc.
  • Buffing
  • Tile, Grout and Hard Floor
  • Carpet Cleaning

More Information on our Floor Care

Floorcare services includes vacuuming or sweeping and moving items up to 20lbs. Additional charges for removal of heavier items.

Strip & Wax- VCT, LVT, Terrazzo, Terracotta etc.: Remove existing floor wax, scrub floors, application of multiple coats of high gloss 27% solids floor wax. 

Buffing: High speed buffing of waxed floors to remove minor blemishes and enhance the shine of the floor.

Tile, Grout and Hard Floor: Application of appropriate pretreatment followed by 1 or more of the following cleaning methods: auto scrubbing, machine scrub, hot water extraction, high pressure steam cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning: Visibly soiled carpets: We use a unique dual method cleaning process. Starting with a low moisture dry foam cleaning & scrubbing of the carpets followed by hot water extraction.

Lightly soiled carpets and routine maintenance: We offer a budget friendly option of either dry foam cleaning or hot water extraction. 

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